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Drake International Nannies and Housekeepers

No, there is no obligation to pay until you choose and hire the candidate.

Placement guarantee is up to 3 months from the start date of employment, and is calculated on a sliding scale.  If your nanny / housekeeper leaves within 3 months from the hire date, Drake will find a replacement.  

If the candidate is not registered as self-employed, then yes, you will have to pay Tax and National Insurance on their behalf.


To make things easier, you can engage a payroll service who will calculate and manage these deductions on your behalf.

If your nanny/housekeeper is employed full time, they are entitled to 28.5 days paid holiday per year (this includes bank holidays)

The current hourly rate for a nanny in London starts at £10. If you will need help with family's food shopping or laundry then expect to pay at least £2 more per hour.

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